Thursday, August 4, 2011

Birthday Camping Trip 8/1-8/2/2011

On Monday afternoon I and my trusty other half headed out to the Guadalupe Dunes Park entrance to park the truck and walk through the park to the beach we were planning on camping at, a semi-remote beach just north of Pt. Sal. Unfortunately the park was closed Monday and Tuesday, so at first we were pretty bummed. Then we decided to try our luck walking through the Ag fields to get to the dunes (which we needed to hike through to get to the beach). We were fortunate not to encounter any "No Trespassing" signs, so we plowed right through!

When we finally made it (4.5 miles later) there was no one on the beach, and it was breathtaking.

The next morning we hiked to Pt. Sal which was longer than we anticipated, but definitely worth seeing the amazing tidepools, marine mammals, and views.

After hiking to the point and back to camp, we relaxed in the sun on the white sandy beach watching the clear blue-green waves crash. All I was missing was a margarita! Great birthday trip!!

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